Facial Reflexology & Indian Head Massage

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Facial Reflexology & Indian Head Massage
13th December 2018 
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Facial Reflexology & Indian Head Massage
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Facial Reflexology Holistic Face Massage & Indian Head Massage. sarongw

Facial Reflexology & Indian Head Massage

Facial Reflexology
This wonderfully relaxing treatment will leave your face rejuvenated with the added benefit of giving you an instant and natural facelift. It is excellent for anyone who suffers with headaches, insomnia, stress and anxiety. Fine lines appear less noticeable and your skin will look fresh and radiant! This is the perfect pre party or pre wedding treatment. For brides and their party, a course of treatment is recommended.

Facial Reflexology will help to release all the tension and stress from your facial muscles and will also improve the texture, increase circulation and encourage rejuvenation of the skin.

Benefits of Facial Reflexology

*increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
*increases cellular activity
*improves texture of skin
*assists in removing toxins
*relieves tension

Indian Head Massage
This treatment is received while seated and helps relieve tension and stress held in the head neck and shoulders. It is deeply relaxing and beneficial for absolutely anyone but is particularly beneficial for helping with hair loss, migraine/headache,insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage
*helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain
*detoxifies the body
*relieves anxiety
*Increases energy
*helps with sleeping problems