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Being of South Indian origin, alternative remedies were the norm in my family ever since I can remember. If I was ill, my mother always offered me a comforting home remedy first and only if it didn't work, I was taken to a more traditional doctor. And nine times out of ten, the home remedy did the job.

My interest in Reflexology started when I was in my late twenties. I had been suffering with digestive problems and although 'over the counter' medicines were helping in the short term, what I really wanted was to get to the root of the problem. I decided to try Reflexology after reading about the many benefits and after just 4 treatments, my digestive system had transformed. I felt less lethargic and there was no need for any more digestive supplements.

I decided to try Reflexology again when I was trying to conceive. I had fibroids which were causing fertility problems for me and my husband. As a result we underwent IVF treatment and I decided to have Reflexology alongside it. The Reflexology sessions helped me to relax and keep calm through what can be a very stressful and emotional time. I had twins and I am convinced that Reflexology had a big part to play in this alongside the conventional IVF treatment.

I am a fully qualified Reflexologist, having trained with The Practitioners School Of Reflexology at West Middlesex Hospital.This qualification allowed me to join The Association Of Reflexologists. I underwent further, specialist training in Pre-Conceptual, Pregnancy & Post Natal Care at the London School Of Reflexology.

I only treat women and have a special interest in treating female related problems such as infertility,fibroids,endometriosis and menopausal problems. I also treat lots of women throughout their pregnancy to help with a smoother labour and I continue treatment post pregnancy to balance hormones, avoid post natal depression and help breast milk production.

Here are some testimonials from happy clients:

"After searching on the internet I found Maggie's page regarding reflexology. I attended a number of sessions and found Maggie to be very friendly and supportive. I was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager and now married had been finding it difficult to conceive due to this condition. After attending only a few sessions with Maggie I became pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter. I found that the sessions relaxed me, in what was a troubling and distressing time. I am sure that the reflexology assisted in some way to me becoming a mother. I would definitely recommend Maggie." E.A

"I started reflexology with Maggie after a friend of mine suggested it might be beneficial for relieving my menopausal symptoms. I was suffering from hot flushes, especially at night, which then led to an irregular sleeping pattern, feeling tired during the day and being irritable. I also had migraine-like headaches, which I never suffered from before.
Since my treatments started, the hot flushes have mostly disappeared, and even when they occur, they are a lot less intense. The headaches have gone, and I have noticed that I feel much more relaxed in general, and better able to cope with stressful situations in work and in everyday life.
Overall, I feel that the reflexology sessions have been very beneficial, not only to help with menopausal symptoms, but for my whole body and mind"
M Bergstein

I looked into reflexology on the back of hearing the benefits of it during pregnancy. I was told that it promoted sleep, encouraged the pregnancy to be full term, helped with the birth & overall relaxation.

I went to Maggie after extensively researching reflexologists in the area. Maggie is personable, reliable, genuine & overall just a really lovely person.

From the first session I noticed how relaxed I was during & after. Each session seemed to result in a really good nights sleep & the baby also seemed to enjoy the sessions as movement always seemed greater during them.

The baby arrived one day before it's due date which I was delighted with but most importantly the relaxation from the treatments enhanced my overall pregnancy. I am now a proud Mother to an 8 week old daughter.

I highly recommend both reflexology during pregnancy & Maggie as a professional yet personable reflexologist. Thank you Maggie.

" Having tried for a baby for 2 years I knew it was my hormone imbalance and possibly even other factors I wasn’t aware of that were hindering my success. I had medical tests and wasn’t getting anywhere and I didn’t want to get to a stage where I had to take drugs. I was adamant about taking the natural route. I looked Maggie up arranged my first session. We had a detailed conversation about my lifestyle and general health and I explained what I was hoping to achieve from the treatments. Following my first session I saw a glimmer of light and felt confidant that Maggie would be able to help me, and booked regular weekly sessions. Within a matter of weeks there were obvious hormonal changes and within 2 months I saw equilibrium in my hormones that I hadn’t seen for years, I was thrilled!

Five months from starting my reflexology treatment with Maggie, I was over the moon to discover I had fallen pregnant with very little effort. I continued to see Maggie throughout my pregnancy (after I had passed 13 weeks) including the weeks up to giving birth, when Maggie kindly did home visits too. In fact Maggie spotted signs of mild pre eclampsia at the latter stage of the pregnancy and suggested I see my GP who in turn referred me to hospital. I cannot thank Maggie enough; her wealth of knowledge of the human body, her skill combined with her own experiences of conceiving make her a wonderful person to know and I would (and have) always recommend her. She is also extremely nice, friendly and most of all truthful. She was always honest – this I will always appreciate. I am now a mummy to a 9 week old baby girl :-)"S. Mavadia

I decided to have reflexology as a means of balancing a very busy life. I have a session with Maggie 2-3 times a month and I look forward to them in the knowledge that it will leave me feeling much calmer and relaxed. The session is an absolute pleasure and the ongoing results are wonderful. I look forward to my regular sessions and feel that I am taking preventative measures with my health. I would highly recommend Maggie as a Reflexologist – she has a very gentle and caring approach. Birju

"I initially elected to see Maggie at a period of extreme tension, in particular I was looking for some general wellbeing that didn’t involve taking drugs and a way to help de-stress. After only a few sessions, I noticed the tension leaving my body, I’m now calmer and much more centred than I previously felt, I am also safe in the knowledge that little niggly symptoms that occur in everyday life will be addressed on my next visit. As they say in the adverts; Maggie’s sessions do exactly what they say on the tin" S. Yorath

"I started reflexology with Maggie to help me to unwind after feeling stressed with my job and being generally run down. Even after my first session, my sleep patterns improved and I felt much more relaxed - this has continued after my ongoing sessions. Maggie is very welcoming and personable and listens to your needs with compassion and understanding" K. Parkes

"I was diagnosed with PCO several months ago, which was a factor to my stress when trying to conceive. It was a catch 22 situation, the more stressed I became, the bigger part my condition played on my likelyhood of not being able to conceive.
I started reflexology and turned to Maggie in the hope that I can enable my body to relax. From my second session I felt a lot happier and calmer. I was sleeping better and more focused in my life. I was delighted to be told by my doctor that my PCO has gone in the last month and am 100% positive that reflexology has played a major role in this! I feel more in control of my situation now and am carrying on trying for a baby on a much happier note".
M. Sampat

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